About Me


I was born in Germantown, Wisconsin and lived there until the age of 6. I am an only child and lived with my two parents, and dogs. We later moved to the Chicagoland area for my dads job.

As I grew up, I always was interested in creative activities. I participated in dance, music, and more. At the age of 10, I pursued my own Youtube channel dedicated to beauty, DIY and fashion. I was pursuing my own entrepreneurial business at this age, where I was creating and editing all my own content. I pursued this channel as a business and made a stable income for myself even before my teenage years. 

The Youtube industry acted as a gateway for me to try new things and flourish creatively in different areas. After pursuing Youtube for over 8 years, I then discovered the world of traditional art. I started drawing traditionally in March of 2015, and oil painting in September 2015. Oil painting rapidly became my passion.

I knew I had wanted to pursue a creative path for college, so I looked at many art schools. While I approached with an intention of a videography major, I later changed my mind. I began to attend OTIS College of Art & Design in Los Angeles, California to pursue a major in Communication Arts with a focus on illustration.

Artist Statement

My biggest inspiration in my artwork is Jesus Christ, and the grace He gives to me. My life is fully devoted and lived for the love of my savior. His everlasting love is what fuels me to serve Him for the greater good. God made me to be an artist, He made me to be creative. So all of my artworks are devoted to Him. I can't get enough of God's brave,faithful, and peaceful love. He gives me unconditional love, real love. This sentiment is what gives me the concepts I translate into paintings. I don't like to limit my art style. I don't like to commit to one thing. The possibilities are endless with my art. When I am lost for ideas I turn to him, and my imagination floods creatively. While most of my paintings include the human figure, I also enjoy painting nature, animals, and more. His way is perfect, His word in flawless, so I surrender to him and let Him guide the way. 


Gallery Shows

La Bodega Gallery: Mermaid Art Show(group) November 2017
Swoon Gallery: Get the Lead Out (group) December 2017
La Bodega Gallery: Pin Up Girl Art Show  (group) February 2018