About Me


My name is Katharine Ward, and I am 20 years old living in Los Angeles, California. I grew up in Chicago as an only child and pursued creativity my whole life. When I was younger, I loved expressing myself through film, photography, etc. In March 2015 is when I discovered the world of traditional art and I found my true passion, and the path I wanted to pursue as a career. I came to realize my favorite medium was oil painting and focused on that.
I decided to start this art ministry with my work. My goal is to introduce people to the love of God through my work. When I was younger I was deeply depressed, I struggled with anxiety, self-harm, etc. I tried to help myself with everything else: romance, substances, etc. But NOTHING truly healed me except God and beginning that relationship with Him. He healed me inside and out from all the darkness I had within me and changed my heart to desire light and positivity in my life.
After being so personally touched by the grace of God, I knew I needed to spread the message of His love. His gospel is so perfect and rings perfect truth to everything the world is looking for today.
I am longing to show people the hope and peace they can find by simply opening up their hearts to God. My artwork is my ministry to bring people into the light and show them the freedom God gave me, so they can find it for themselves too.

Artist Statement

My artwork is made to glorify God and spread His word. There is nothing more important to me than showing people the miraculous wonder God works through us when we simply open up our hearts to HIm. I am here to show people there is hope, there is love, there is reckless perfection waiting for you when you simply accept it. Not only has God healed me of deep depression, anxiety, and addiction in the past, but He continues to walk with me every day. He is a patient, loving father who listens when we need to talk, speaks back to us, and moves in our lives more than any other human could. There are so many things only God can heal because of How powerful He is, and I pray other people can find this through my work, because that if the gift He gave to me.
My work is filled with symbolism through butterflies, birds, flowers, etc. to magnify His creations and His glory within them. This world needs hope, peace, kindness, love, and mercy.. and those things are found in Him. People leave us, they hurt us, they move on.. but God doesn't. God never leaves us, nor forsakes us. And that is the truest inspiration for all of my artwork.


Gallery Shows

La Bodega Gallery: Mermaid Art Show(group) November 2017
Swoon Gallery: Get the Lead Out (group) December 2017
La Bodega Gallery: Pin Up Girl Art Show  (group) February 2018